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We published the Call for declarations of interest to host the 3rd ECG International Conference. Programmed for spring 2024, this new edition will continue the efforts from the first and second events to foster dialogue between ECG and other heterodox/new economic theories or models.

The deadline for applications is February 28th, 2023. We will finalise the selection process in March 2023 and will communicate the result to all applicants by March 31st.

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Our II Economy for the Common Good International Conference "Connecting Sustainability Organizational Models with SDGs" took place in Valencia, Spain, on March 9, 10 and 11, 2022. The conference brought together those scholars working on topics related to the ECG and other sustainability approaches. It succeeded as a platform for critical review, a resonance space, and a platform for networking. Read our report and what presenters at the conference thought about it in our latest Newsletter. Also, you can re-visit the programme here.

Also, our 1st international academic conference on the Economy for the Common Good was held in November 2019 in Bremen. On three days, the conference attracted approximately 120 researchers and members of the interested public. Find the conference program here.

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Teaching - spreading the knowledge

We consider the transfer of knowledge a key aspect to ECG science and research. Check the academic offer on ECG, which includes the lists of courses offered by the ECG movement and of studies related to ECG.

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We believe in the development of new knowledge about ECG through collaboration, inter- and transdisciplinarity. We therefore promote ECG research and science that serve the common good, and invite whoever is interested in developing their own studies to use our resources as they find convenient.

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The ECG is composed of an ample community of people and practitioners from all walks of life as well as scientists from all disciplines. And we invite everyone interested to join us in the transformation of our socio-economy.

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About the hub

The ECG Science and Research Hub is a collaborative and co-creative community within the broader ECG movement and neighboured alternative economic approaches, including all types of heterodox economics (from ecological to feminist to institutional or Neokeynesian economics) and all branches of science and scientists concerned with sustainability, social justice, human rights, gender, post-growth, post-colonialism, peaceful international relations, mindfulness and ethics. Its members deal with the ECG model in research, teaching & training, (self-)application, discourse and public dissemination.

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