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You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

Since the launch of the Economy for the Common Good in October 2010, thousands of people from across the world have got involved. They give lectures, organise workshops, manage public relations, and support companies and organisations in compiling their own Balance Sheet.

This is only made possible through volunteer work, membership fees, donations and the support of family and friends.

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Our work is funded through membership fees and donations,  which means we remain independent of politics and big corporations.

As a member, you not only help us financially, you also lend weight to the voice of the ECG: A movement with thousands of members is taken more notice of!

Membership fees are determined by each ECG association. The standard fee for individuals is EUR 60,-/year. Discounted membership is EUR 30,-/ year. The membership fee for companies is based on the number of its employees.

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Thousands of people across the world have got actively involved in the Common Good Economy - almost exclusively as volunteers. They spread the message to the public, they support common good-driven businesses and communities, and are committed to the ECG being adopted at a political level.

You can join a local or regional chapter in your area or become part of an international hub. We welcome anyone who wants to get involved!

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As a non-profit organisation, donations provide critical support for the implementation of our projects.

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If you agree with the ideals and vision of the Economy for the Common Good and want to see a more ethical economic order, then sign up! Add your name to our list of supporters.

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