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The Economy for the Common Good movement is made possible thanks largely to the work of our many volunteers across the world.

To keep the line of communication simple, we have compiled a list of key contacts in the ECG movement.
We welcome your questions, ideas and feedback and strive to respond as quickly as our volunteer resources allow.

If there is a local chapter in your area, that is the best place to start with general questions or inquiries. For other inquiries relating to specific matters, these contacts may be useful:

  Subject     Email Address     Contact Person     Team  
Press, Public Relations Daniela von Pfuhlstein Communication Hub
Public Speeches, Workshops Anna Schneeberger Speakers Hub
Businesses, creating a Common Good Balance Sheet Jörn Wiedemann Business Hub
Common Good Balance Sheet - Consutlation Harald Kalcher Consultants Hub
Common Good Balance Sheet - Peer evaluations   Auditors Hub
Common Good Balance Sheet - Audit Regina Sörgel Auditors Hub
Networking Common Good Organizations Gerd Hofielen Business Hub
Municipalities Ulrike Amann, Dr. Anke Butscher Municipality Hub
Science, research, universities Sara Franzeck, Verena Schwetz Science Hub
K-12 education, youth Johannes Dolderer Youth Hub
Matrix Development Lutz Knakrügge Matrix Development Team
Creating Local Chapters Larissa el Wardi International Reception