The Movement

The citizen's movement Economy for the Common Good (ECG) began in 2010 in Austria and has rapidly spread to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Chile and the UK. It has also reached the USA, Latin America and Africa.

We are a diverse movement which is reflected in our group structure:

icon_local_chapter_green 22.50.29.png
Local Chapters and Associations ECG activists worldwide are organized in Local Chapters and Associations.
ECG Businesses More than 2000 companies support the ECG
and over 500 have published a Common Good Balance Sheet.
Hubs Numerous international teams work collaboratively on specific topics.
Ambassadors Many prominent individuals from various fields support the ECG.

How we are organised

Hundreds of individuals, companies, municipalities and NGOs are actively involved in the ECG. They can get involved in their own cities by joining a Local Chapter or creating a new one. They can also join one of the international ECG Hubs and work on specific issues like education, business consultation or communication. Interested companies, local authorties or NGOs can complete a Common Good Balance Sheet.

At the annual Delegates Assembly representatives from Local Chapters and Hubs come together to define movement-wide rules and policies. The ECG Management Team is mandated to help coordinate international activities.

Interested individuals, companies and communities can become members of ECG Associations or support them through donations. The associations handle all legal and financial matters. Each Local Chapter is linked to one of the many Associations.

ECG International Structure diagram